About me

My hobby story

Hello, I'm Jannik and I'm 23 years old. In 2020, I discovered my passion for sports cards in the middle of my training, during the exciting NBA Bubble. As I delved deeper and deeper into this fascinating hobby, I gradually became aware that my current training as a sports and health trainer did not correspond to my true passion. I felt the desire to become self-employed and do what I really love.

At first it was just sports cards that made my heart beat faster, but over time my enthusiasm developed into a broader passion. In addition to collecting sports cards, I am also fascinated by other collectibles and hobbies including Trading Card Games (TCGs), Funko Pops, sports memorabilia, and many other treasures from the world of pop culture.

Other Projects

In addition to the shop, I also have a YouTube channel and run a podcast called Trading Cards Academy with the lovely Daniel!
Here we try to impart knowledge, talk about price developments or all hobby-relevant news. Feel free to check this out!
I do all of this to help make the hobby bigger in Europe and especially in Germany and to make collecting cool again!